It's a Brilliant Camera !

We are great believers in giving credit where credit is due and we would like to share our experiences with the main camera we use to take the Headstones of Tasmania photographs.

It's a Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR (Single Lense Reflex) camera and since we bought it over 2 years ago (second-hand mind you) it hasn't missed a beat.

To date we have taken over a quarter of a million pictures with it and it's still going strong. Only last week end (13/11/2100) we travelled to Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania to photograph the cemeteries there and took over 2500 pictures in an afternoon.


At the end of every shoot the camera is dusty and covered in the chalk we use to lightly mark the headstones so we don't double-up on pictures. It gets shoved in the bag at the end of the day and then cleaned maybe a couple of days later.

It's been dropped, left out in the rain and banged against headstones.

It has even taken 2 trips off the roof of the moving car onto the ground. The first time luckily, it landed in the long grass at the side of the road and wasn't damaged. Not so the second time as it landed on the rough concrete surface of the road a few weeks ago. Imagine the sinking feeling we had as we looked back through the rear window of the car at it !

Yes, it was damaged, (our own stupid fault of course) but only cosmetically. The outside rim at the front of the lense was chipped and scratched and a corner of the body was also scuffed and scratched.

Since that time the camera has taken over 5000 more photos and we think that's not a bad effort at all.

We are thoroughly impressed with our camera and think Canon have done an excellent job in producing it.

By the way, we are not assiciated with Canon in any way, nor have we been asked by anyone to write this. We just own a Canon camera that we are very pleased with. Have a look at the pictures below...

You can just see the damage to the front left of the lense from when it landed on the concrete.


Cleaned and ready for use.

We are surprised there isn't more damage from when it hit the concrete.

The is the camera after a days shoot - dusty and covered in chalk. It's been dropped, left in the rain and banged against headstones !