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Glenora (Derwent Valley, Tasmania) Police Inspector

We are currently working on a CD of the Day Book of the Glenora Police Inspector in the year 1898. At this time we have not identified the officer or where his Police Station was in Glenora. There is no longer a station there and the nearest one is at Bushy Park just down the road. Can anyone help us with this?

We are also going to try and find out as much as we can about this Police Officer and what we find will be included on the CD.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

New Norfolk, Tasmania Family History Thread

This thread is for people who are researching Family History and Genealogy of New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia.

Below is our first post and please feel free to post your enquiries or comments here.

- I grew up in New Norfolk and remember the hospital very well as my mother & uncle where in and out of there during the 60's.  I would love to hear from anyone who worked there, had relatives in there also anyone from NN & Derwent Valley as we may be able to exchange genealogy data that I have been working on over last 35 years. Please Contact me

Friday March 11th 2011. From Karen..

hi I loved the photos of willow court my great great grandmother Mary Hariett Lomas died there on November 18. 1931 I have her medical file it was so sad to read it, you soon know this poor lady had dementia and in those days they called her mad thank god we have age care homes these days again great site karen

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