Willow Court Asylum, New Norfolk


Willow Court Asylum Patient and Admission Files Indexes available here.

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An example of the Admission Documents for a patient from the year 1901 can be viewed here.



Group of nurses on the verandah of the old Nurses Home.



The same area in the year 2010.

The Willow Court Nurses Home area is now being developed into a very attractive business precint. Email this site for further details.

 All of the images below are on display at the Patchwork Cafe at Willow Court in New Norfolk. We hope you like them.

The panorama of The Barracks (below) has been printed to a size of over 2 metres long and is displayed in the foyer of Willow Court Antiques, George St, New Norfolk.


The Barracks at Willow Court

Below is a selection of The Barracks