Below is a list of Willow Court Asylum Patient Files available at the Tasmanian Archives.

You can view these yourself at the Archives or we can do that for you at a reasonable cost and send you copies. 

The numbers at the beginning of each line ( eg HSD284/1/7 ) are the Archives of Tasmania reference number.

Please note that the amount of information in each file can vary considerably. 

HSD284/1/7 Adams, Alice Gertrude dob c.1878
HSD284/1/12 Adams, William dob c.1873
HSD284/1/18 Aldred, Alice dob c.1855
HSD284/1/21 Alexander, Thomas Edward dob c.1887
HSD284/1/23 Allen, Annie May dob c.1896
HSD284/1/26 Allen, John dob c.1850
HSD284/1/30 Allison, John dob c.1872
HSD284/1/33 Alomes, Arthur Robert dob c.1868
HSD284/1/40 Amos, Annie dob c.1861
HSD284/1/43 Anderson, Catherine dob c.1864
HSD284/1/45 Anderson, Edgar Stanley dob c.1892
HSD284/1/47 Anderson, Edwin Lawrence dob c.1902
HSD284/1/48 Anderson, George Hill dob c.1842
HSD284/1/53 Anderson, Samuel dob c.1860
HSD284/1/66 Applebee, Olive Doris dob 30/4/1917
HSD284/1/67 Aram, Arthur John Thomas dob c.1883
HSD284/1/69 Archenius, Emil Gottfurd dob c.1872
HSD284/1/73 Archer, Ernest dob c.1875
HSD284/1/74 Archer, John dob c.1880
HSD284/1/80 Armstrong, George William Joseph dob c.1874
HSD284/1/86 Arnold, Albert Edward dob c.1892
HSD284/1/89 Arnold, Isaac dob c.1851
HSD284/1/91 Arnold, Walter dob c.1866
HSD284/1/96 Assard, Mary Nasif dob c.1857
HSD284/1/98 Atkins, Enos Eli dob c.1896
HSD284/1/99 Atkins, Ethel Mary dob c.1882
HSD284/1/100 Atkins, Lucy dob c.1888
HSD284/1/105 Atkinson, Elsie Alina dob c.1992
HSD284/1/107 Atkinson, Mary dob c.1892
HSD284/1/114 Austen, Hilda dob c.1886 (2 files)
HSD284/1/119 Avery, Annie Florence dob c.1887
HSD284/1/120 Avery, Ella Louise dob c.1894
HSD284/1/127 Ayers, James dob c.1854
HSD284/1/143 Bailey, Reginald dob c.1899 see also Baily, Reginald Charles
HSD284/1/144 Bailey, Susan dob c.1889
HSD284/1/146 Baily, David dob c.1861
HSD284/1/148 Baily, Reginald Charles dob c.1900 see also Bailey, Reginald
HSD284/1/150 Baird, Grace Coates dob c.1879
HSD284/1/164 Ballard, Henry Herbert dob c.1861
HSD284/1/172 Bannister, Annie dob c.1882
HSD284/1/173 Bannister, Maria dob c.1849
HSD284/1/183 Barker, Mary dob c.1917
HSD284/1/185 Barker, Olive Pauline dob c.1892
HSD284/1/192 Barnes, Millicent dob c.1954
HSD284/1/201 Barringer, Beatrice Maud dob c.1876
HSD284/1/203 Barry, James dob c.1892
HSD284/1/211 Barwick, Andrew dob c.1873
HSD284/1/217 Basset, Dixon Ferrar dob c.1852
HSD284/1/232 Batt, Jane dob c.1848
HSD284/1/233 Batten, Georgina dob c.1889
HSD284/1/234 Batty, William Alexander dob c.1853
HSD284/1/235 Baxter, Elma Florence dob c.1878
HSD284/1/242 Beale, Percy Henry dob c.1884
HSD284/1/243 Beams, Rhoda dob c.1847
HSD284/1/244 Bean, George Mason dob c.1884
HSD284/1/247 Beard, Amy Elizabeth dob c.1882
HSD284/1/255 Beck, Eva May dob c.1875
HSD284/1/256 Beck, Margaret dob c.1859
HSD284/1/259 Beddome, Adeline Victoria dob c.1888
HSD284/1/267 Behrens, George dob c.1889
HSD284/1/268 Belbin, Edith May dob c.1884
HSD284/1/272 Bell, George dob c.1886
HSD284/1/274 Bell, Robert Kay dob c.1853
HSD284/1/284 Benjamin, Montefiore Moses dob c.1875
HSD284/1/293 Bentley, Laura Elfrida dob c.1880
HSD284/1/303 Best, Margaret dob c.1836
HSD284/1/304 Bestwick, George dob c.1863
HSD284/1/306 Betts, William dob c.1860
HSD284/1/307 Beven, John Joseph dob c.1871
HSD284/1/313 Biddelph, Emily Louisa dob c.1882
HSD284/1/325 Bilson, Emily Mary aka Bilson, Emeline Mary dob c.1879
HSD284/1/328 Bingley, Agnes dob c.1879
HSD284/1/333 Bird, Charles Matthew dob c.1879
HSD284/1/339 Bissett, Robert dob c.1887
HSD284/1/342 Blackaby, Susan dob c.1894
HSD284/1/357 Bloomfield, Lewis Cecil dob c.1892
HSD284/1/358 Blyth, Effie Norma dob c.1894
HSD284/1/362 Bodos, Bessie dob c.1875
HSD284/1/366 Bomford, Jane dob c.1856
HSD284/1/367 Bond, Violet dob c.1881
HSD284/1/373 Bonney, Albert James dob c.1887
HSD284/1/376 Boon, Amy dob c.1878
HSD284/1/388 Boulter, Margaret dob c.1894
HSD284/1/395 Bowater, William dob c.1864
HSD284/1/396 Bowcher, Emily dob c.1873
HSD284/1/400 Bowen, Albert Frederick dob c.1902
HSD284/1/401 Bowen, Thomas dob c.1862
HSD284/1/409 Bowler, Adeline dob c.1879
HSD284/1/416 Boyd, Alice dob c.1876
HSD284/1/423 Bradley, Mary dob c.1870
HSD284/1/426 Bradmore, Mary (File empty with note dated 19/10/1917 that file had been found with nothing in it)
HSD284/1/435 Bramich, Florence dob c.1882
HSD284/1/438 Branagan, Mary dob c.1888
HSD284/1/446 Breadon, Joseph Reginald dob c.1913
HSD284/1/466 Brinkman, Charles Frederick dob c.1904
HSD284/1/476 Broadhurst, Emily dob c.1879
HSD284/1/479 Brodie, Thomas aka Loftus, Thomas dob c.1852
HSD284/1/480 Brodribb, Bertha dob c.1904
HSD284/1/481 Brodribb, Gertrude dob c.1900
HSD284/1/484 Bromfield, Mary dob c.1870
HSD284/1/485 Brooker, Lydia Grace dob c.1892
HSD284/1/487 Brooks, Caroline dob c.1848
HSD284/1/495 Broughton, Raymond dob c.1901
HSD284/1/496 Brown, Ada dob c.1867
HSD284/1/501 Brown, Bridget Mary Ann dob c.1882
HSD284/1/504 Brown, Daisy Myrtle Frances Toohey dob c.1893
HSD284/1/506 Brown, Ethel Laura dob c.1882
HSD284/1/514 Brown, Joan dob c.1862
HSD284/1/519 Brown, Mary Ann dob c.1873
HSD284/1/520 Brown, Mary Ann dob c.1839
HSD284/1/541 Brumby, Frederick dob c.1855
HSD284/1/548 Bryan, Reginald Roy dob c.1873
HSD284/1/549 Bryant, George dob c.1870
HSD284/1/552 Bryce, William dob c.1851
HSD284/1/554 Brydie, Alexander dob c.1878
HSD284/1/555 Buchanan, Ernest Edward dob c.1894
HSD284/1/557 Buckland, Lena dob c.1888
HSD284/1/561 Buren, William Van dob c.1870
HSD284/1/566 Burgess, Harriett dob c.1860
HSD284/1/575 Burke, Lillian dob c.1877
HSD284/1/576 Burke, Martin dob c.1873
HSD284/1/577 Burn, Eliza Jane dob c.1855
HSD284/1/586 Burns, Thomas dob c.1861
HSD284/1/589 Burrell, Albert Ernest dob c.1863
HSD284/1/605 Butler, Pierce John dob c.1884
HSD284/1/607 Butt, Maria dob c.1847
HSD284/1/608 Butters, John dob c.1852
HSD284/1/610 Buttery, William John dob c.1883
HSD284/1/614 Byard, Hephzepah dob c.1886
HSD284/1/615 Byers, Annie dob c.1896
HSD284/1/619 Cables, John dob c.1864
HSD284/1/622 Cadwallader, Annie dob c.1849
HSD284/1/623 Cahill, John Joseph dob c.1867
HSD284/1/626 Callan, Daniel dob c.1857
HSD284/1/632 Cameron, Alexander dob c.1843
HSD284/1/635 Cameron, John aka Cannon, John dob c.1904
HSD284/1/645 Campbell, Richard dob c.1880
HSD284/1/657 Carberry, James
HSD284/1/669 Carroll, Mary dob c.1869
HSD284/1/670 Carroll, Patrick dob c.1860
HSD284/1/674 Carter, George Evan dob c.1895
HSD284/1/676 Carter, Leonard Leslie dob 19/12/1898
HSD284/1/679 Cartside, Elizabeth (file empty)
HSD284/1/699 Chalmers, Alfred dob c.1870
HSD284/1/701 Chamberlain, Mary Ann aka Lewis, Mary Ann dob c.1866
HSD284/1/707 Chaplin, William Alexander dob c.1888
HSD284/1/708 Chapman, James dob c.1875
HSD284/1/710 Charles, Selina dob c.1866
HSD284/1/724 Christmas, Martha dob c.1869
HSD284/1/733 Clark, Elsie May dob c.1881
HSD284/1/734 Clark, Emma Augusta
HSD284/1/737 Clark, Horace Stewart dob c.1893
HSD284/1/741 Clark, Lewis Ashmead dob c.1884
HSD284/1/747 Clarke, Ada dob c.1867
HSD284/1/759 Clayton, Grace dob c.1887
HSD284/1/792 Cockerill, Robert Gordon dob c.1895
HSD284/1/802 Coles, Amy Louise dob c.1902
HSD284/1/807 Collins, Robert dob c.1860
HSD284/1/815 Conlan, George Norfolk dob c.1875
HSD284/1/825 Cook, Amanda Louisa Maria dob c.1866
HSD284/1/833 Cook, John Thomas dob c.1865
HSD284/1/836 Cook, William dob c.1850
HSD284/1/847 Cooper, Doris dob c.1896
HSD284/1/848 Cooper, Elizabeth dob c.1863
HSD284/1/850 Cooper, Florence Irene dob c.1884
HSD284/1/853 Cooper, Gertrude dob c.1889
HSD284/1/854 Cooper, Henry dob c.1891
HSD284/1/858 Cooper, Rosina May dob c.1909
HSD284/1/859 Cooper, Sydney Leslie dob c.1895
HSD284/1/864 Corbin, Dorothea dob c.1875
HSD284/1/865 Corcoran, Caroline dob c.1844
HSD284/1/866 Corcoran, Michael James dob c.1860
HSD284/1/870 Cornish, Dorothy Kathleen dob c.1900
HSD284/1/873 Cornish, Leonard Cameron dob c.1899
HSD284/1/875 Cosker, Algie dob c.1906
HSD284/1/877 Costello, William dob c.1871
HSD284/1/878 Costelloe, George dob c.1875
HSD284/1/880 Cotton, George dob c.1893
HSD284/1/881 Cottrell, Maud dob c.1877
HSD284/1/883 Coulter, Miriam dob c.1873
HSD284/1/884 Coulton, William dob c.1877
HSD284/1/887 Courtney, James Joseph dob c.1872
HSD284/1/902 Cowie, Catherine Jane dob c.1879
HSD284/1/907 Cowper, Herbert dob c.1883 (2 files)
HSD284/1/916 Cox, Oliver James dob c.1915
HSD284/1/920 Crack, Ephraim dob c.1849
HSD284/1/926 Craike, Leslie dob c.1882
HSD284/1/935 Crawford, Hanna Jane dob c.1871
HSD284/1/937 Crawford, Maud Margaret dob c.1870
HSD284/1/939 Crawford, William dob c.1859
HSD284/1/944 Crerar, Andrew dob c.1878
HSD284/1/948 Cripps, William dob c.1884
HSD284/1/953 Crocker, Jane dob c.1863
HSD284/1/955 Crocker, Ruby dob c.1889
HSD284/1/962 Cross, Frederick dob c.1867
HSD284/1/963 Cross, George Thomas dob c.1864
HSD284/1/968 Crump, Mary Ann dob c.1856
HSD284/1/971 Cullen Valerian dob c.1915
HSD284/1/973 Cummins, Catherine dob c.1838
HSD284/1/976 Cunningham, Stella dob c.1893
HSD284/1/981 Curran, Thomas dob c.1876
HSD284/1/985 Cutcliffe, William John dob c.1867
HSD284/1/986 Cuthbert, Herbert George Edward dob c.1871
HSD284/1/1000 Dalgleish, Frederick dob c.1901
HSD284/1/1008 Daniels, William dob c.1852
HSD284/1/1015 Darling, George Henry dob c.1880
HSD284/1/1016 Darling, Marcella dob c.1880
HSD284/1/1018 Davey, Amy Alice dob c.1878
HSD284/1/1027 Davie, Edith Mary dob c.1899
HSD284/1/1032 Davies, Arthur James dob c.1881
HSD284/1/1033 Davies, Blodwen Mary dob c.1887
HSD284/1/1035 Davies, Florence Mabel dob c.1876
HSD284/1/1038 Davies, Martha dob c.1874
HSD284/1/1044 Davis, Florence Annie Maud dob c.1900
HSD284/1/1050 Davis, William James dob c.1863
HSD284/1/1052 Dawkins, Henry dob c.1876
HSD284/1/1053 Day, Harold Bernard dob c.1896
HSD284/1/1054 Day, Louisa dob c.1859
HSD284/1/1056 Deacon, Lucy dob c.1900
HSD284/1/1057 Deacon, Mary dob c.1851
HSD284/1/1074 Delaney, Mary Fanny dob c.1873
HSD284/1/1075 Del Diu, Lodorico dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1086 Dennison, Leila dob c.1997
HSD284/1/1101 Dick, Joseph Sutherland dob c.1868
HSD284/1/1106 Dickson, Mary Caroline dob c.1865
HSD284/1/1114 Dillon, Timothy dob c.1877
HSD284/1/1120 Dobbie, Mary Agnes dob c.1855
HSD284/1/1124 Dobson, Isaac Henry Charles dob c.1912
HSD284/1/1125 Dobson, Mary Ann dob c.1854
HSD284/1/1127 Dobson, William dob c.1883
HSD284/1/1140 Donaldson, Rosina dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1147 Donovan, Joseph dob c.1894
HSD284/1/1149 Donovan, Percy Leslie dob c.1889
HSD284/1/1150 Doodie, Miriam dob c.1872
HSD284/1/1155 Dore, Catherine
HSD284/1/1164 Dowding, Eric Thomas Kirby dob c.1904
HSD284/1/1165 Dowling, Edward dob c.1838
HSD284/1/1170 Doyle, John dob c.1883
HSD284/1/1173 Dransfield, Alma May dob c.1900
HSD284/1/1175 Driscoll, Jean dob c.1858
HSD284/1/1180 Duff, Margaret Jane dob c.1887
HSD284/1/1196 Dunlop, Mary dob c.1861
HSD284/1/1199 Dunton, Edward James dob c.1890
HSD284/1/1207 Eager, Leonard Gordon dob c.1903
HSD284/1/1208 Eagle, Francis dob c.1865
HSD284/1/1216 Eaton, Loyde Asquith Kitchiner dob c.1916
HSD284/1/1217 Eaves, Arthur Albert dob c.1876
HSD284/1/1220 Ebden, Robert dob c.1877
HSD284/1/1229 Edwards, Frederick Hagett dob c.1860
HSD284/1/1236 Edwards, Winifred dob c.1875
HSD284/1/1242 Eland, Sarah Annie dob c.1961
HSD284/1/1263 Emerson, Mary dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1264 Emery, Marjorie Jean dob c.1906
HSD284/1/1268 Emmett, Dyllis dob c.1890
HSD284/1/1269 Emmett, Max Collett dob c.1910
HSD284/1/1272 Enman, Daphne Eileen dob c.1910
HSD284/1/1273 Enman, William dob c.1894
HSD284/1/1279 Etchells, Gordon dob c.1906 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1280 Evans, Albert Victor dob c.1899
HSD284/1/1282 Evans, Edward Roose dob c.1868
HSD284/1/1289 Evans, Ida dob c.1881
HSD284/1/1304 Eyles, Rachel May dob c.1902
HSD284/1/1307 Fahey, Mary Ann dob c.1869
HSD284/1/1309 Falkinder, Charles Eric dob c.1907
HSD284/1/1312 Farquhar, John Patrick dob c.1841
HSD284/1/1313 Farmer, William dob c.1845
HSD284/1/1314 Farr, James dob c.1824
HSD284/1/1317 Farrell, Harriet Susan dob c.1867
HSD284/1/1318 Farrell, William dob c.1874
HSD284/1/1320 Farrow, Willis dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1321 Farthing, Ethel dob c.1881 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1325 Faulkner, Keith Maxwell dob c.1910
HSD284/1/1326 Fawkner, Charles dob c.1861
HSD284/1/1327 Fawkner, George dob c.1877
HSD284/1/1331 Featherstone, Georgina Blenman Bessie dob c.1877
HSD284/1/1342 Fellows, Henry Frederick dob c.1894
HSD284/1/1344 Felton, George dob c.1881
HSD284/1/1349 Fenton, Mary Adelaide dob c.1871
HSD284/1/1355 Fessenmyer, Christiana dob c.1858
HSD284/1/1356 Fidler, John dob c.1863
HSD284/1/1358 Fieldwick, John
HSD284/1/1364 Finch, Joseph dob c.1860
HSD284/1/1366 Finch, Thomas
HSD284/1/1368 Findlay, Isabella dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1370 Finney, John dob c.1923
HSD284/1/1371 Finney, Richard dob c.1850
HSD284/1/1372 Finnigan, Elsie Marie dob c.1856
HSD284/1/1376 Fisher, Charles dob c.1868
HSD284/1/1378 Fisher, Emily Isabel dob c.1858
HSD284/1/1379 Fisher, Eric dob c.1890
HSD284/1/1383 Fisher, Horace dob c.1880
HSD284/1/1384 Fisher, John dob c.1871
HSD284/1/1388 Fisher, Minnie dob c.1885
HSD284/1/1390 Fisher, Queenie May dob c.1902
HSD284/1/1391 Fisher, Wildfred dob c.1893
HSD284/1/1392 Fisher, William dob c.1874
HSD284/1/1394 Fisher, William Henry dob c.1872 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1396 Fitzgerald, Erskine dob c.1884
HSD284/1/1397 Fitzgerald, Clifford Robert dob c.1908
HSD284/1/1400 Fitzpatrick, James dob c.1841
HSD284/1/1401 Fitzpatrick, James dob c.1864
HSD284/1/1407 Flanagan, Hannah dob c.1863
HSD284/1/1408 Flanagan, Martin dob c.1901
HSD284/1/1409 Flanagan, Mary dob c.1889
HSD284/1/1411 Flanders, John dob c.1906
HSD284/1/1412 Flanders, Marian Isabel dob c.1897
HSD284/1/1419 Fletcher, Charles dob c.1857
HSD284/1/1426 Flood, David dob c.1867
HSD284/1/1427 Flood, James William dob c.1899
HSD284/1/1428 Flory, Joseph dob c.1826
HSD284/1/1431 Floyd, Charles dobc .1852
HSD284/1/1435 Fogarty, Catherine dob c.1882
HSD284/1/1436 Fogarty, Doris dob c.1912
HSD284/1/1438 Fogarty, John
HSD284/1/1439 Fogarty, John David dob c.1923
HSD284/1/1440 Fogarty, Leonie dob c.1910
HSD284/1/1441 Fogarty, Lucy dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1442 Fogarty, Victor dob c.1911
HSD284/1/1446 Forcett, Fanny aka Forcett, Frances Ellen dob c.1872 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1449 Ford, Charles dob c.1868
HSD284/1/1452 Ford, Lily dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1457 Fosket, Catherine dob c.1850
HSD284/1/1460 Foster, Emily dob c.1839
HSD284/1/1462 Foster, Fanny Adelaide dob c.1857
HSD284/1/1470 Fowler, George William dob c.1847
HSD284/1/1473 Fox, Barbara May dob 29/6/1912
HSD284/1/1474 Fox, Bertha dob c.1867
HSD284/1/1475 Fox, Frances dob c.1893
HSD284/1/1477 Fox, James dob c.1839
HSD284/1/1478 Fox, Marion dob c.1861
HSD284/1/1482 Foy, Francis dob c.1867
HSD284/1/1487 Franklin, Agnes (file empty)
HSD284/1/1489 Franklin, Joseph dob c.1854
HSD284/1/1494 Fraser, Jane dob 1866 see also Frazer, Jane
HSD284/1/1495 Fraser, Mary Jane dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1496 Frazer, Donald dob c.1902
HSD284/1/1498 Free, Mary Marion dob c.1837
HSD284/1/1499 Freeman, Charles dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1501 Freeman, Edward dob c.1850
HSD284/1/1506 Freeman, John dob dob c.1903
HSD284/1/1509 Freeman, Walter William dob c.1883
HSD284/1/1517 French, Mary
HSD284/1/1518 French, Thelma dob c.1919
HSD284/1/1521 Frendenberg, Oswin dob c.1851
HSD284/1/1522 Fricker, Guy Maurice dob c.1886 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1526 Frost, Alfred dob c.18409
HSD284/1/1535 Fuller, Emma dob c.1855
HSD284/1/1536 Fuller, Mabel Emily dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1537 Fulton, Amy Beatrice Lilles dob c.1896
HSD284/1/1539 Furlonge, Isabel
HSD284/1/1540 Furnis, Charles Clifford dob c.1874
HSD284/1/1543 Fynes, Eliza dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1554 Galvin, Bessie Kathleen dob c.1896
HSD284/1/1555 Gamble, John dob c.1861
HSD284/1/1558 Gardner, Helen Winifred dob c.1894
HSD284/1/1559 Gardner, Margaret dob c.1894
HSD284/1/1560 Garlick, David (photocopy only)
HSD284/1/1562 Garlick, John
HSD284/1/1567 Gartsides, Elizabeth dob c.1871
HSD284/1/1568 Gatehouse, Grace Jean dob c.1895
HSD284/1/1572 Gaul, Patrick dob c.1859
HSD284/1/1575 Gavin, Margaret dob c.1883
HSD284/1/1585 Geary, George dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1589 Gee, Isabella Mary Elizabeth aka Gee, Mary Isabella dob c.1956 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1590 Geeves, Coralie Muriel dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1593 Gellibrand, George dob c.1858 (2 files)
HSD284/1/1598 George, Norman dob c.1890
HSD284/1/1600 Georgeson, James dob c.1854
HSD284/1/1601 Georgeson, William dob c.1859
HSD284/1/1606 Gibbs, Emma Maria dob c.1866
HSD284/1/1608 Gibson, David dob c.1842
HSD284/1/1611 Gibson, Margaret Maud dob c.1867
HSD284/1/1615 Gilbert, Elizabeth dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1618 Gilchrist, Constance dob c.1872
HSD284/1/1622 Gill, Emily Melony dob c.1904
HSD284/1/1623 Gill, Eugene dob c.1865
HSD284/1/1624 Gill, Katherine aka Gill, Catherine dob c.1849
HSD284/1/1627 Gillam, Alice May dob c.1858
HSD284/1/1636 Glock, Lawrence W. dob c.1894
HSD284/1/1643 Glozier, James dob c.1846
HSD284/1/1645 Gobby, Hazel dob c.1915
HSD284/1/1652 Golding, Sarah dob c.1864
HSD284/1/1655 Gonsalves, Wilton dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1657 Good, Henry dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1659 Good, Margaret Evenden dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1664 Goodman, Joseph dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1669 Goon, Loch dob c.1869
HSD284/1/1679 Gorringe, Isobel Margaret dob c.1884
HSD284/1/1688 Gould, Archibald J. dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1689 Gould, Janet May dob c.1881
HSD284/1/1698 Grace, Michael dob c.1855
HSD284/1/1710 Greagen, Edward William dob c.1899
HSD284/1/1711 Green, Charles John dob c.1867
HSD284/1/1712 Green, Grace Emma Amelia dob c.1861
HSD284/1/1718 Green, Martha Louisa dob c.1858
HSD284/1/1731 Gregston, John aka Fox, Thomas dob c.1874
HSD284/1/1732 Greig, George dob c.1859
HSD284/1/1733 Gressley, Edward Nigel dob c.1851
HSD284/1/1746 Griffiths, Mary dob c.1902
HSD284/1/1757 Grubb, Jane dob c.1847
HSD284/1/1761 Grundy, Mark dob c.1897
HSD284/1/1762 Guerin, Francis dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1763 Guesdon, Florence Cloralie Ingle dob c.1881
HSD284/1/1774 Guthrie, Mary dob c.1866
HSD284/1/1789 Haines, Hendridge John David dob c.1875
HSD284/1/1796 Hall, Amy Beatrice dob c.1883
HSD284/1/1811 Hall, Ruth Caplin dob c.1895
HSD284/1/1815 Hallam, Tennyson Charles dob c.1893
HSD284/1/1816 Hallesy, Mary Ann dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1818 Hamer, Joseph dob c.1904
HSD284/1/1820 Hamilton, Eliza dob c.1842
HSD284/1/1822 Hamilton, Joseph William dob c.1865
HSD284/1/1833 Hannington, Stella Inez Eulalie dob c.1871
HSD284/1/1834 Hansch, Albert Edward dob c.1890
HSD284/1/1847 Hardman, Ethel May dob c.1882
HSD284/1/1849 Hardwick, James dob c.1857
HSD284/1/1853 Hardy, Mavis dob c.1916
HSD284/1/1855 Hardy, Rose dob c.1884
HSD284/1/1861 Harper, John Alexander dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1870 Harris, Eleanor Mary Poulett dob c.1862
HSD284/1/1871 Harris, James dob c.1841
HSD284/1/1878 Harris, William dob c.1851
HSD284/1/1879 Harris, William Frederick dob c.1896
HSD284/1/1885 Harrison, Herbert Hunter dob c.1876
HSD284/1/1888 Harrison, Lydia dob c.1874
HSD284/1/1901 Hartnett, Patrick dob c.1873
HSD284/1/1918 Hatton, Eva Harriett dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1925 Hawkins, Henry
HSD284/1/1926 Hawkins, Robert dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1931 Hay, Gladys dob c.1898
HSD284/1/1941 Hays, Lucy dob c.1876
HSD284/1/1949 Haywood, Herbert dob c.1858
HSD284/1/1952 Hazlewood, Henry dob c.1870
HSD284/1/1959 Hean, Acie Celia dob c.1879
HSD284/1/1961 Heaslip, Adam James dob c.1903
HSD284/1/1962 Heath, Henry Marsden dob c.1886
HSD284/1/1967 Heazlewood, Hamilton dob c.1902
HSD284/1/1976 Hennessy, James Bernard
HSD284/1/1990 Hepburn, Francis Charles dob c.1866
HSD284/1/1999 Heron, George dob c.1884
HSD284/1/2001 Herrick, Sarah dob c.1877
HSD284/1/2013 Hiern, Eric Grahame dob c.1897
HSD284/1/2015 Higgins, Amy Ann dob c.1885
HSD284/1/2020 Higgs, Ronald Ormond dob c.1905
HSD284/1/2025 Hill, Clara dob c.1875
HSD284/1/2028 Hill, Elsie dob c.1897
HSD284/1/2037 Hillier, Charles Leonard dob c.1874
HSD284/1/2039 Hulls, Herbert Walter dob c.1868
HSD284/1/2044 Hines, Joseph William dob c.1856
HSD284/1/2050 Hinton, Reginald dob c.1848
HSD284/1/2060 Hobden, Edward dob c.1849
HSD284/1/2063 Hodges, Doris Lucy dob c.1901
HSD284/1/2080 Hoggins, Emily Mary Davenport dob c.1867
HSD284/1/2084 Hole, John Thomas dob c.1854
HSD284/1/2088 Holloway, Gladys dob c.1903
HSD284/1/2092 Holmes, Violet dob c.1898
HSD284/1/2094 Holt, Edith Elizabeth dob c.1882
HSD284/1/2110 Horne, Ernest Lewis Hartwell dob c.1870
HSD284/1/2114 Horsley, George dob c.1848
HSD284/1/2115 Hortin, Henry Pierce
HSD284/1/2117 Hortle, Leslie James dob c.1872
HSD284/1/2121 Houghton, Kate dob c.1862
HSD284/1/2127 How, Claudia aka Howe, Claudia Edith dob c.1892
HSD284/1/2129 How, David dob c.1862
HSD284/1/2133 Howard, Bartholomew dob c.1882
HSD284/1/2135 Howard, James dob c.1859
HSD284/1/2136 Howe, Nellie Mary dob c.1886
HSD284/1/2140 Howell, Adeline Victoria dob c.1895
HSD284/1/2141 Howell, Eunice dob c.1900
HSD284/1/2147 Howlett, Sylvia dob c.1894
HSD284/1/2157 Hughes, Ada dob c.1872
HSD284/1/2159 Hughes, Edward James dob c.1882
HSD284/1/2166 Hugo, Thomas dob c.1850
HSD284/1/2185 Hutchinson, Margaret dob c.1889
HSD284/1/2188 Hutson, Hannah Maria dob c.1888
HSD284/1/2189 Huttley, Eliza dob c.1886
HSD284/1/2194 Hutton, Mary Catherine dob c.1900
HSD284/1/2201 Hyland, Alfred Joseph dob c.1882
HSD284/1/2205 Ibbott, Stanley Gilbert dob c.1895
HSD284/1/2207 Ikin, Henrietta dob c.1862
HSD284/1/2208 Imber, Esther Susannah dob c.1862
HSD284/1/2209 Ims, William Charles Victor dob c.1865
HSD284/1/2210 Inman, Fanny dob c.1874
HSD284/1/2212 Innes, Mary Louisa Isabel dob c.1863
HSD284/1/2214 Innes, Teresa dob c.1885
HSD284/1/2216 Irvine, Jane dob c.1855
HSD284/1/2225 Jackson, Arthur Albert dob c.1863
HSD284/1/2228 Jackson, Ellen dob c.1858
HSD284/1/2231 Jackson, Robert dob c.1901
HSD284/1/2237 Jacobs, Sarah Ann Alice dob c.1866
HSD284/1/2240 Jacobson, Henry dob c.1875
HSD284/1/2241 Jacobson, Myrtle dob c.1895
HSD284/1/2243 Jacobson, Robert dob c.1913
HSD284/1/2246 James, Christina Edith dob c.1884
HSD284/1/2247 James, Ena Jessie Eileen dob c.1910
HSD284/1/2249 James, Jessie Malvina dob c.1861
HSD284/1/2251 James, John Henry dob c.1904
HSD284/1/2255 James, Thomas dob c.1853
HSD284/1/2265 Jeeves, Mary Ann dob c.1868
HSD284/1/2266 Jeffrey, Edward dob c.1850
HSD284/1/2284 Jocelyne, Emily Ella dob c.1868
HSD284/1/2291 Johnson, Edward dob c.1864
HSD284/1/2295 Johnson, Henry dob c.1922
HSD284/1/2296 Johnson, John Tasman dob c.1861
HSD284/1/2299 Johnson, Minnie Harriet dob c.1865
HSD284/1/2301 Johnson, Robert Joseph dob c.1850
HSD284/1/2305 Johnston, Clara dob c.1851
HSD284/1/2311 Johnston, Herbert dob c.1880
HSD284/1/2312 Johnston, Isabella dob c.1841
HSD284/1/2319 Johnston, Montrose dob c.1893
HSD284/1/2324 Johnstone, James Lindsay dob c.1879
HSD284/1/2329 Johnstone, Walter dob c.1868 (2 files)
HSD284/1/2339 Jones, Clara dob c.1858
HSD284/1/2347 Jones, Ernest Duncan dob c.1899
HSD284/1/2351 Jones, Harold Esmond dob c.1910
HSD284/1/2358 Jones, Norman dob c.1892
HSD284/1/2366 Jones, William Thomas dob c.1866
HSD284/1/2371 Jordan, Frederick William dob c.1856
HSD284/1/2373 Jordan, Isabel dob c.1878
HSD284/1/2375 Jordison, Susannah Alice dob c.1906
HSD284/1/2379 Josephs, Ernest dob c.1903
HSD284/1/2380 Joyce, Frank dob c.1886
HSD284/1/2381 Jubb, Henry dob c.1902
HSD284/1/2397 Kean, Mabel dob c.1872
HSD284/1/2398 Keane, Charles dob c.1887
HSD284/1/2400 Kearney, May dob c.1867
HSD284/1/2402 Keating, Galatia aka Keating, Galatea dob c.1869
HSD284/1/2406 Keen, Lynda May dob c.1873
HSD284/1/2410 Keep, Alice Amelia dob c.1884
HSD284/1/2416 Kelly, Eva Elizabeth Wymond
HSD284/1/2418 Kelly, Henry dob c.1860
HSD284/1/2424 Kelly, Patrick John dob c.1901
HSD284/1/2425 Kelty, Lassie dob c.1880
HSD284/1/2430 Kennedy, John dob c.1869
HSD284/1/2433 Kenner, Mary Emily dob c.1852
HSD284/1/2443 Kerr, Maida dob c.1873
HSD284/1/2457 Killalea, Margaret dob c.1865
HSD284/1/2460 King, Arthur dob c.1881
HSD284/1/2465 King, John William dob c.1848 (2 files)
HSD284/1/2475 Kingschott, John William dob c.1857
HSD284/1/2476 Kingschott, Phyllis dob c.1914
HSD284/1/2477 Kingsmill, Edith dob c.1907
HSD284/1/2478 Kingston, Cissie dob c.1879
HSD284/1/2483 Kirby, Cecil David dob c.1901
HSD284/1/2484 Kirby, Harold Arthur dob c.1873
HSD284/1/2487 Kirkland, James dob c.1880
HSD284/1/2504 Knight, Leslie dob c.1878
HSD284/1/2537 Lambert, Edwin Myles dob c.1889
HSD284/1/2548 Langdale, Daisy dob c.1896
HSD284/1/2549 Langdon, Eliza dob c.1850
HSD284/1/2562 Lapham, Kate dob c.1886
HSD284/1/2566 Latham, Frederick dob c.1875
HSD284/1/2568 Lauder, Mary Agnes dob c.1875
HSD284/1/2581 Lawson, Katherine Alaconge aka Lawson, Catherine dob c.1864
HSD284/1/2582 Lawson, Wilhemina aka Lowson, Wilhemina dob c.1869
HSD284/1/2584 Leach, Norman William dob c.1903
HSD284/1/2617 Leith, Maria dob c.1863
HSD284/1/2647 Lincoln, Frederick dob c.1887
HSD284/1/2652 Lipscombe, Mary dob c.1873
HSD284/1/2654 Listener, Annie Elizabeth dob c.1872
HSD284/1/2666 Lockhart, Laura dob c.1873
HSD284/1/2668 Lockett, William dob c.1861
HSD284/1/2678 Lohrey, Amelia dob c.1874
HSD284/1/2709 Lucas, Adam William dob c.1860
HSD284/1/2717 Lutwych, Lurline dob c.1896
HSD284/1/2722 Lynch, Matthew Thomas dob c.1863
HSD284/1/2727 Lyons, John William Francis dob c.1846
HSD284/1/2729 McAllister, Mary Ann dob c.1865
HSD284/1/2736 McCall, Colin Oscar dob c.1918
HSD284/1/2737 McCall, George dob c.1868
HSD284/1/2740 McCann, Mary dob c.1861
HSD284/1/2750 McCormick, Elizabeth dob c.1869
HSD284/1/2774 McDougall, David Anderson dob c.1861
HSD284/1/2776 McDowell, Millie dob c.1877
HSD284/1/2777 McEwan, Gordon dob c.1909
HSD284/1/2781 McGann, Christopher Stephen dob c.1855
HSD284/1/2782 McGarry, William Oliver dob c.1903
HSD284/1/2785 McGeaver, Mary dob c.1887
HSD284/1/2786 McGee, Frances Mercia dob c.1902
HSD284/1/2799 McGuffie, Douglas Aston dob c.1908
HSD284/1/2800 McGuiness, William Thomas dob c.1859
HSD284/1/2806 McHugh, Ivy Louisa dob c.1891
HSD284/1/2810 McKay, Cyril Algy Cameron dob c.1903
HSD284/1/2829 MacKersy, Lindsay dob c.1867
HSD284/1/2833 Mackie, Ethel dob c.1878
HSD284/1/2838 McLean, Lillian dob c.1882
HSD284/1/2839 McLean, Margaret and McLean, Robert
HSD284/1/2840 McLeod, Douglas dobc .1906
HSD284/1/2844 McLeod, John Neal dob c.1892 (2 files)
HSD284/1/2851 McManus, Charles dob c.1895
HSD284/1/2857 McNamara, John dob c.1868
HSD284/1/2870 McQueeney, Rosina
HSD284/1/2871 McRae, Christopher dob c.1854
HSD284/1/2875 McSweeney, Kate dob c.1839
HSD284/1/2881 McWalker, Robert dob c.1867
HSD284/1/2902 Mahoney, Margaret dob c.1867
HSD284/1/2903 Mahoney, Patrick dob c.1888
HSD284/1/2906 Mainwaring, Byron dob c.1876
HSD284/1/2910 Malkin, Charles Alfred Ernest dob c.1879 (2 files)
HSD284/1/2916 Mangan, Patrick
HSD284/1/2918 Manion, Allan dob c.1895
HSD284/1/2921 Manning, Alice dob c.1846
HSD284/1/2937 Mansfield, John dob c.1850
HSD284/1/2948 Markey, Bernard dob c.1860
HSD284/1/2951 Maroney, Ellen dob c.1872
HSD284/1/2957 Marsh, Elsie Winifred dob c.1871
HSD284/1/2975 Martin, Evelyn Blanche dob c.1874
HSD284/1/2977 Martin, Jessie dob c.1906
HSD284/1/2995 Mathews, Cora Winifred dob c.1910
HSD284/1/2999 Mathews, Walter Thomas James dob c.1872
HSD284/1/3001 Mathewson, Walter dob c.1871
HSD284/1/3015 Mayson, Henry dob c.1862
HSD284/1/3022 Medwin, Margaret Agnes dob c.1846
HSD284/1/3029 Merchant, William dob c.1858
HSD284/1/3033 Merrington, Mary dob c.1886
HSD284/1/3037 Michael, Hugh Alexander Dugald dob c.1911
HSD284/1/3043 Midson, Frederick Thomas dob c.1887
HSD284/1/3044 Mihan, Edith dob c.1883
HSD284/1/3051 Miley, Lilian dob c.1897
HSD284/1/3054 Millard, Mary Ann dob c.1859
HSD284/1/3061 Miller, Joseph dob c.1862
HSD284/1/3064 Miller, Robert dob c.1868
HSD284/1/3085 Milton, James Alfred dob c.1896
HSD284/1/3092 Mitchell, Clara dob c.1953
HSD284/1/3094 Mitchell, James aka Mitchell, Thomas dob c.1839
HSD284/1/3097 Mitchell, Robert dob c.1882
HSD284/1/3100 Moate, Augusta Maria dob c.1868
HSD284/1/3103 Molloy, Elizabeth dob c.1866
HSD284/1/3104 Molloy, Stanley
HSD284/1/3105 Monfries, Nell Rhodes dob c.1905
HSD284/1/3108 Monti, Harry aka Monti, Hercules Anselm dob c.1878
HSD284/1/3109 Moodie, Arthur Thorp dob c.1909
HSD284/1/3118 Moore, Eliza dob c.1873
HSD284/1/3124 Moore, Mary Patricia dob c.1919
HSD284/1/3126 Moore, Richard Frederick dob c.1913
HSD284/1/3127 Moore, Robert Joseph dob c.1874
HSD284/1/3133 Moran, May Mabel dob c.1887
HSD284/1/3138 Morgan, Ellen dob c.1854
HSD284/1/3143 Morley, Elizabeth Jane dob c.1856
HSD284/1/3157 Morrison, Andrew dob c.1888
HSD284/1/3162 Mortyn, Ruby Louise dob c.1882
HSD284/1/3164 Moss, Robert Isaac Reginald
HSD284/1/3165 Moth, George dob c.1844
HSD284/1/3169 Motton, Walter
HSD284/1/3176 Mulcahy, Rosie Bernard dob c.1885
HSD284/1/3184 Munday, Edmund dob c.1856
HSD284/1/3187 Mundy, Elvie dob c.1896
HSD284/1/3194 Munting, Hartley John dob c.1891
HSD284/1/3196 Murdoch, Douglas Stewart dob c.1867
HSD284/1/3199 Murnane, Edward dob c.1865
HSD284/1/3200 Murphy, Denis dob c.1830
HSD284/1/3204 Murphy, John Arthur dob c.1870
HSD284/1/3210 Murphy, Phlip Frederick dob c.1911
HSD284/1/3222 Murrell, Jack Henry George dob 20/12/1911
HSD284/1/3231 Nation, William dob c.1900
HSD284/1/3236 Nelson, Charles dob c.1897
HSD284/1/3238 Nevin, Sarah Jane dob c.1876
HSD284/1/3240 New, Henry dob c.1840
HSD284/1/3245 Newitt, Isabel dob c.1884
HSD284/1/3253 Newton, Samuel Elkin dob c.1881
HSD284/1/3259 Nicholls, Sarah dob c.1848
HSD284/1/3263 Nichols, Mary Pearl dob c.1901
HSD284/1/3287 Norris, Ruby Eliza dob c.1886
HSD284/1/3291 Nossiter, Charlotte
HSD284/1/3298 Nunn, Bertha Maud dob c.1891
HSD284/1/3300 Nunn, Mary dob c.1894
HSD284/1/3308 O'Brien, Bridget dob c.1831
HSD284/1/3310 O'Brien, Edward dob 1891
HSD284/1/3312 O'Brien, Katherine dob c.1860
HSD284/1/3316 O'Brien, Sarah Ann dob c.1865
HSD284/1/3317 O'Connell, John Patrick dob c.1908
HSD284/1/3319 O'Connor, John dob c.1859
HSD284/1/3329 O'Grady, Alice Eliza dob c.1888
HSD284/1/3331 O'Keefe, Richard dob c.1879
HSD284/1/3335 Oliver, Jack dob c.1908
HSD284/1/3336 Oliver, James Henry dob c.1898
HSD284/1/3340 Ollington, Albert Peter dob c.1967
HSD284/1/3342 Olson, Hilda dob c.1864
HSD284/1/3353 Ormerod, Eliza Faith Mahala dob c.1899
HSD284/1/3354 O'Rourke, Jack dob c.1903
HSD284/1/3355 O'Rourke, James Francis dob c.1874
HSD284/1/3357 Osborne, Charlotte dob c.1861
HSD284/1/3367 Owen, Cecil William dob c.1896
HSD284/1/3368 Owen, Lora dob c.1872
HSD284/1/3374 Oxley, Thomas Reynold dob c.1883
HSD284/1/3381 Paige, Ransler Brinton dob c.1897
HSD284/1/3387 Palmer, Harriet Ethel dob c.1878
HSD284/1/3392 Panton, Percy James dob c.1880
HSD284/1/3395 Parker, Henry dob c.1849
HSD284/1/3398 Parker, Sarah Jane dob c.1856 (2 files)
HSD284/1/3402 Parkinson, Thomas Henry David dob c.1882
HSD284/1/3408 Parsons, Frederick
HSD284/1/3411 Parsons, John dob c.1857
HSD284/1/3416 Partridge, Marjorie dob c.1914
HSD284/1/3419 Patience, William dob c.1851
HSD284/1/3430 Paul, John dob c.1866
HSD284/1/3432 Payne, John Wollard dob c.1853
HSD284/1/3436 Payne, Winsome dob c.1922
HSD284/1/3439 Pearce, John dob c.1864
HSD284/1/3441 Pearce, Richard dob c.1885
HSD284/1/3442 Pearce, William dob c.1866
HSD284/1/3448 Pearsall, George dob c.1854
HSD284/1/3453 Pearton, Martha dob c.1892
HSD284/1/3457 Peck, Cecelia dob 1867
HSD284/1/3458 Peck, Clara dob c.1891
HSD284/1/3464 Peebles, William dob c.1889
HSD284/1/3474 Perkins, John Edward
HSD284/1/3483 Peters, Edith Maud dob c.1875
HSD284/1/3494 Pettman, Muriel Grace dob c.1876
HSD284/1/3496 Phillips, Caroline dob c.1876
HSD284/1/3501 Phillips, Henry Guy dob c.1883
HSD284/1/3505 Phillips, Thomas William
HSD284/1/3516 Pidgeon, Jane dob c.1841
HSD284/1/3518 Piesse, Ernest George dob c.1865
HSD284/1/3526 Pink, Beatrice Evelyn dob c.1882
HSD284/1/3538 Ploughman, Lily May dob c.1894
HSD284/1/3541 Plunkett, Martha dob c.1832
HSD284/1/3545 Plymsell, Mary aka Welsh, Mary dob c.1854
HSD284/1/3551 Poole, Isaac dob c.1890
HSD284/1/3553 Pople, Archibald Henry dob c.1873
HSD284/1/3554 Popowski, Bernard dob c.1890
HSD284/1/3556 Popowski, Winnie dob c.1852
HSD284/1/3557 Porteous, Adam dob c.1861
HSD284/1/3561 Potter, Miriam Maida dob c.1874
HSD284/1/3568 Powell, John dob c.1857
HSD284/1/3576 Pratt, Arthur William
HSD284/1/3578 Pratt, Frances Eleanor dob c.1879
HSD284/1/3581 Preece, Alfred dob c.1881
HSD284/1/3589 Price, John dob c.1843
HSD284/1/3605 Pross, Emma dob c.1885
HSD284/1/3606 Pross, James dob c.1901
HSD284/1/3607 Pross, Zilda dob c.1904
HSD284/1/3619 Purse, Annie Emma Elizabeth dob c.1900
HSD284/1/3622 Pursell, Ross Edward Charles dob c.1918
HSD284/1/3625 Pye, James dob c.1862
HSD284/1/3633 Radford, Bert dob c.1885
HSD284/1/3638 Radin, Mary dob c.1873
HSD284/1/3640 Rafton, Eleanor dob c.1872
HSD284/1/3647 Rait, Douglas dob c.1904
HSD284/1/3652 Ranger, Walter dob c.1901
HSD284/1/3672 Ready, John dob c.1873
HSD284/1/3680 Reed, Albert Ernest dob c.1875
HSD284/1/3686 Reeve, Ida May dob c.1885
HSD284/1/3696 Reid, Pearl dob c.1898
HSD284/1/3710 Rhodes, Mary dob c.1857
HSD284/1/3721 Richards, Mary Elizabeth dob c.1874
HSD284/1/3725 Richards, Wesley dob c.1903
HSD284/1/3731 Richardson, Frances Maud dob c.1849
HSD284/1/3737 Richardson, Michael dob c.1833
HSD284/1/3742 Ridgers, Maria Lucy dob c.1862
HSD284/1/3748 Ridley, Hubert dob c.1915
HSD284/1/3752 Riley, Annie Cecily dob c.1874
HSD284/1/3754 Riley, Colin dob c.1878
HSD284/1/3758 Rimon, William James dob c.1860
HSD284/1/3769 Riva, Frederick dob c.1864
HSD284/1/3785 Roberts, Thomas Isaac dob c.1843
HSD284/1/3786 Roberts, Walter Ernest dob c.1885
HSD284/1/3787 Robertson, Alexander dob c.1907
HSD284/1/3788 Robertson, Benjamin Lawes dob c.1855
HSD284/1/3794 Robins, Charles Frederick dob c.1881
HSD284/1/3798 Robinson, Charles David dob c.1874
HSD284/1/3804 Robson, Janet dob c.1846
HSD284/1/3805 Rock, Clara dob c.1888
HSD284/1/3806 Rock, Hubert John Samuel dob c.1899
HSD284/1/3807 Rodda, Thomas dob c.1843
HSD284/1/3809 Rodgers, John dob c.1869 (2 files)
HSD284/1/3829 Rose, Anne
HSD284/1/3836 Rosier, Catherine dob c.1881
HSD284/1/3853 Rowe, Zilda Marion dob c.1896
HSD284/1/3856 Royle, John Henry dob c.1911
HSD284/1/3857 Rubenach, Arthur Tasman dob c.1914
HSD284/1/3870 Rundell, Agnes dob c.1845
HSD284/1/3889 Rutherford, Cyril dob c.1902
HSD284/1/3897 Ryan, Lawrence dob c.1856
HSD284/1/3901 Ryan, Tasman Lewis dob c.1892
HSD284/1/3912 Salisbury, Thomas dob c.1827
HSD284/1/3932 Sargison, Harry James dob c.1864
HSD284/1/3942 Savage, Richard dob 1892
HSD284/1/3946 Saxsmith, George dob c.1836
HSD284/1/3948 Scanlon, Charles dob c.1915
HSD284/1/3952 Schell, Ernest Edward dob c.1869
HSD284/1/3957 Schmigatz, Martin dob c.1882
HSD284/1/3962 Scollick, George Samuel dob c.1886
HSD284/1/3972 Scott, Robert dob c.1829
HSD284/1/3973 Scott, Robert dob c.1869
HSD284/1/3975 Scott, William dob c.1871
HSD284/1/3976 Scully, Francis Henry aka Sculls, Francis Henry dob c.1862
HSD284/1/3978 Scurrah, Sarah Ann dob c.1862
HSD284/1/3980 Seager, Kate dob c.1850
HSD284/1/3985 Selby, Amelia dob c.1857
HSD284/1/3986 Selby, George dob c.1879
HSD284/1/3987 Selby, William dob c.1881
HSD284/1/4001 Shanley, William dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4005 Shaw, Allen Silvester dob c.1923
HSD284/1/4011 Shaw, William Andrew dob c.1899
HSD284/1/4017 Sheehan, Edward
HSD284/1/4027 Shelton, William Edward dob c.1861
HSD284/1/4032 Shepherd, John
HSD284/1/4033 Shepherd, Percy Alexander (file empty)
HSD284/1/4047 Sherrin, Jack dob c.1916
HSD284/1/4053 Shipphird, Bradley
HSD284/1/4054 Shipton, John dob c.1812
HSD284/1/4056 Shirley, Henry dob c.1862 (2 files)
HSD284/1/4058 Shoobridge, Sarah Charlotte dob c.1876
HSD284/1/4061 Short, Michael dob c.1832
HSD284/1/4062 Short, William dob c.1848
HSD284/1/4075 Simmons, Leslie dob c.1873
HSD284/1/4092 Signline, William dob c.1882
HSD284/1/4094 Skinner, Edward Moreland
HSD284/1/4100 Slater, Walter dob c.1874
HSD284/1/4101 Slattery, James dob c.1866
HSD284/1/4106 Smaley, William dob c.1825
HSD284/1/4114 Smith, Alexander dob c.1827
HSD284/1/4118 Smith, Andrew dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4125 Smith, Charles dob c.1846
HSD284/1/4126 Smith, Charles dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4129 Smith, Charles Edward dob c.1863
HSD284/1/4130 Smith, Charles Ernest dob c.1903
HSD284/1/4136 Smith, Edward dob c.1818
HSD284/1/4140 Smith, Francis dob c.1858
HSD284/1/4142 Smith, Frederick Joseph dob c.1894
HSD284/1/4143 Smith, George dob c.1887
HSD284/1/4146 Smith, Harry Warnock dob c.1877
HSD284/1/4152 Smith, James dob c.1868 (4 files)
HSD284/1/4153 Smith, James Robert dob c.1847
HSD284/1/4154 Smith, James Thomas dob c.1844
HSD284/1/4169 Smith, Phillip Owen dob c.1885
HSD284/1/4172 Smith, Robert dob c.1872
HSD284/1/4174 Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4175 Smith, Robert Henry
HSD284/1/4176 Smith, Robert Henry dob c.1864
HSD284/1/4181 Smith, Thomas dob c.1864
HSD284/1/4186 Smith, Walter John dob c.1906
HSD284/1/4187 Smith, William dob c.1858
HSD284/1/4190 Smith, William Ernest dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4196 Smythe, William Biggs dob c.1856
HSD284/1/4201 Solomon, Harold dob c.1872
HSD284/1/4202 Solomon, Thomas
HSD284/1/4206 Soon, Quong dob c.1854
HSD284/1/4214 Spence, Adam dob c.1869
HSD284/1/4217 Spencer, William aka Spencer, Cornelius William dob c.1889
HSD284/1/4218 Spicer, George dob c.1865
HSD284/1/4224 Spotswood, John dob c.1853
HSD284/1/4228 Spronk, Amelia dob c.1854
HSD284/1/4233 Stabb, Minnie dob c.1881
HSD284/1/4234 Stable, John dob c.1864
HSD284/1/4251 Stanley, Joan dob c.1842
HSD284/1/4258 Staples, William dob c.1871
HSD284/1/4261 Steadman, Alexander
HSD284/1/4265 Steel, George dob c.1853
HSD284/1/4276 Stephens, Edward William dob c.1840
HSD284/1/4279 Stephens, Francis Seymour see also Stevens, Francis Seymour
HSD284/1/4284 Stephens, William dob c.1879
HSD284/1/4286 Stephenson, James Morrison
HSD284/1/4289 Stephenson, Thomas Alfred dob c.1866 (includes copy of King Island Record)
HSD284/1/4294 Stevens, Francis Seymour see also Stephens, Francis Seymour dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4300 Stewart, Doris Ethel dob c.1898
HSD284/1/4305 Stewart, John dob c.1868
HSD284/1/4308 Stewart, William dob c.1850
HSD284/1/4309 Stewart, William Cormack dob c.1864
HSD284/1/4312 Stockdale, Godfrey dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4318 Stokell, Herbert dob c.1865
HSD284/1/4324 Stone, James dob c.1883
HSD284/1/4329 Stops, Charles Robert dob c.1876
HSD284/1/4333 Strahan, John dob c.1869
HSD284/1/4344 Stubbs, Henry Joseph dob c.1913
HSD284/1/4351 Sullivan, Edward dob c.1863
HSD284/1/4354 Sullivan, James dob c.1877
HSD284/1/4355 Sullivan, Mary dob c.1892
HSD284/1/4358 Sullivan, William dob c.1863
HSD284/1/4364 Sutcliffe, Saunderson dob c.1843
HSD284/1/4365 Sutcliffe, Stewart dob c.1893
HSD284/1/4366 Sutor, George dob c.1847
HSD284/1/4377 Swan, Tasman dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4379 Sweeney, Daniel dob c.1850
HSD284/1/4380 Sweeney, Royal Herbert dob c.1903
HSD284/1/4383 Swift, Jane dob c.1863
HSD284/1/4387 Sylvester, Henry dob c.1884
HSD284/1/4402 Tapping, Annie Constance dob c.1882
HSD284/1/4413 Taylor, Annie dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4419 Taylor, Henrietta Phillipa
HSD284/1/4420 Taylor, Isaac Arthur dob c.1877
HSD284/1/4427 Taylor, Muriel dob c.1897
HSD284/1/4430 Taylor, Samuel Thomas dob c.1865
HSD284/1/4440 Tennant, Alfred J dob c.1875
HSD284/1/4443 Terry, Leonard Malcolm aka Terry, Malcolm Leonard dob c.1897
HSD284/1/4445 Terry, Winston Simmons dob c.1849
HSD284/1/4449 Thacker, Harold Richard dob c.1866
HSD284/1/4450 Thickens, Jennie dob c.1888
HSD284/1/4454 Thomas, Amy May dob c.1884
HSD284/1/4455 Thomas, Arnold dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4463 Thomas, Sloane dob c.1874
HSD284/1/4467 Thompson, Hugh dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4470 Thompson, Kate dob c.1878
HSD284/1/4472 Thompson, Martha Alice May dob c.1902
HSD284/1/4475 Thompson, William dob c.1857
HSD284/1/4481 Thorpe, George dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4485 Thurstun, Ernest dob c.1879
HSD284/1/4492 Tipton, Osborne dob c.1883
HSD284/1/4496 Tomlinson, Henry dob c.1854
HSD284/1/4517 Trebilcock, William Foster dob c.1885
HSD284/1/4526 Triffitt, Henry Edward William Benjamin dob c.1883
HSD284/1/4527 Triffitt, John dob c.1888
HSD284/1/4529 Triffitt, Nellie Melba dob c.1902
HSD284/1/4545 Turnbull, Euphemia dob c.1856
HSD284/1/4555 Turner, Margaret Elizabeth dob c.1865
HSD284/1/4563 Tynan, John Thomas dob c.1854
HSD284/1/4567 Underwood, Ruby Blanche dob c.1898
HSD284/1/4569 Upcher, Alice dob c.1875 (2 files)
HSD284/1/4571 Upton, Catherine dob c.1839
HSD284/1/4572 Upton, Charles Jones
HSD284/1/4573 Upton, David Joseph dob c.1908
HSD284/1/4580 Vant, William dob c.1852
HSD284/1/4581 Vautin, May Malvina dob c.1874
HSD284/1/4591 Vincent, Charles dob c.1884
HSD284/1/4594 Viney, Harry Llewellyn dob c.1882
HSD284/1/4603 Vollprecht, Isabella Minna dob c.1914
HSD284/1/4606 Voss, Nina Blanche dob c.1914
HSD284/1/4614 Wade, Joseph dob c.1839
HSD284/1/4615 Wade, William Coulson dob c.1884
HSD284/1/4618 Wagner, Walter dob c.1881
HSD284/1/4622 Wakeham, Carma Field dob c.1911
HSD284/1/4626 Walker, Claude Wilfred dob c.1925
HSD284/1/4633 Walker, William George dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4634 Walker, Winifred Esther Margaret dob c.1871
HSD284/1/4636 Wallace, Alice dob c.1875
HSD284/1/4637 Wallace, Hannah
HSD284/1/4641 Walpole, Isobel dob c.1884
HSD284/1/4642 Walsh, Agnes dob c.1852
HSD284/1/4646 Walsh, Marie dob c.1858
HSD284/1/4647 Walsh, Mildred Mary dob c.1893
HSD284/1/4650 Walsh, Richard James dob c.1881
HSD284/1/4653 Walshe, Guy Musgrave dob c.1876
HSD284/1/4659 Walters, Henry dob c.1872
HSD284/1/4665 Ward, Alice Margaret dob c.1879
HSD284/1/4667 Ward, Gladys Maud dob c.1898
HSD284/1/4668 Ward, Harold Stanley dob c.1920
HSD284/1/4671 Ware, Lilian dob c.1882
HSD284/1/4679 Waterhouse, Gladys Ethel dob c.1908
HSD284/1/4680 Waters, Edward dob c.1870
HSD284/1/4693 Watts, James William dob c.1871 (2 files)
HSD284/1/4702 Webb, George Henry dob c.1872
HSD284/1/4712 Weeding, George dob c.1865
HSD284/1/4717 Weetman, Paul dob c.1855
HSD284/1/4748 Westbrook, Charlotte dob c.1870
HSD284/1/4752 Westgarth, Edward dob 16/10/1957
HSD284/1/4759 Wettenhall, Gwen dob c.1877
HSD284/1/4769 Whitchurch, Esther Harriett dob c.1873
HSD284/1/4773 Whitcombe, William John dob c.1906
HSD284/1/4775 White, Emma dob c.1881
HSD284/1/4780 White, Lydia Elsie dob c.1894
HSD284/1/4788 White, Thomas dob c.1886
HSD284/1/4792 Whiteway, Henry dob c.1864
HSD284/1/4803 Wigan, Harold Mortimer dob c.1904
HSD284/1/4806 Wignall, Hannah Jenings dob c.1856
HSD284/1/4807 Wilde, Mabel dob c.1885
HSD284/1/4811 Wilkinson, Florence dob c.1865
HSD284/1/4815 Wilks, Sarah ellen dob c.1861
HSD284/1/4821 Williams, Alfred dob c.1866
HSD284/1/4824 Williams, Alice dob c.1873
HSD284/1/4837 Williams, Eric Ingersoll dob c.1885
HSD284/1/4844 Williams, George Henry dob c.1869
HSD284/1/4849 Williams, Jane dob c.1887
HSD284/1/4851 Williams, Joseph dob c.1879
HSD284/1/4856 Williams, Lydia dob c.1841
HSD284/1/4872 Williams, William dob c.1866
HSD284/1/4874 Williams, William Archibald dob c.1854
HSD284/1/4875 Williams, William Henry dob c.1890
HSD284/1/4876 Williams, William Oliver Henry dob c.1905
HSD284/1/4887 Wilson, Annie dob c.1862
HSD284/1/4897 Wilson, Laurie dob c.1889
HSD284/1/4898 Wilson, Lilian dob c.1889
HSD284/1/4899 Wilson, Mary Mavis dob c.1908
HSD284/1/4901 Wiltshire, Thomas Abraham dob c.1882
HSD284/1/4903 Windred, Walter dob c.1862
HSD284/1/4904 Windsor, Eric Gilbert dob c.1907
HSD284/1/4906 Winne, John dob c.1854
HSD284/1/4909 Winters, Alfred James dob c.1896
HSD284/1/4917 Wise, Theophilus William Paul dob c.1869
HSD284/1/4926 Wood, Ann Jean Christian dob c.1878
HSD284/1/4932 Wood, Louis dob c.1862
HSD284/1/4939 Woods, Frederick H (file empty)
HSD284/1/4941 Woods, James dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4944 Woods, John Henry dob c.1912
HSD284/1/4961 Worsley, Susan dob c.1867
HSD284/1/4963 Wright, Adelaide Bertha dob c.1878
HSD284/1/4965 Wright, Amy Amelia Mabel dob c.1883
HSD284/1/4983 Yates, Ernest dob c.1866
HSD284/1/4984 Yaxley, George dob c.1859
HSD284/1/4985 Yea, Ah dob c.1830
HSD284/1/4986 Yeates, Kate dob c.1832
HSD284/1/4987 Yeoland, Fanny Sheldon dob c.1851
HSD284/1/4988 York, Mary dob c.1831
HSD284/1/4989 York, Thomas James dob c.1895
HSD284/1/4990 York, William Thomas dob c.1881
HSD284/1/4991 Youd, Charlotte dob c.1862
HSD284/1/4993 Young, Ah dob c.1850
HSD284/1/4996 Young, Catherine Ann dob 1871
HSD284/1/4998 Young, Elsie Elizabeth dob c.
HSD284/1/4999 Young, Emily dob c.1876
HSD284/1/5007 Young, Thomas dob c.1880
HSD284/1/5025 Anderson, Andrew Theodore dob c.1851
HSD284/1/5040 Moore, Samuel Gordon dob c.1894
HSD284/1/5045 Viney, Leah Jessie dob c.1918